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Never to late for tomorrow

Dancing with demons in the shadows.
Have party in the deepest shaft.
Flying with angels in the powdersnow.
With bare feet on moist meadows.
Drinking with god, you’re unknown.
A Ghost without any craft.

Climb the rainbow, ride the devil.
You do what you need, this ist your life.
But you must get up on some point.
Have to fight with the evil.
Get up your ass, stop blaming others
for that, what’s your own drive.

Therefore stand up, hands up.
Reach for the stars, follow your dreams.
It’s never to late for tomorrow.
And ever the first day from the rest of your life.
Stand up, hands up, rise up to the sun.
It’s hard to laugh if all is sorrow.
Honey, i know, but sometimes you must begin
the first step to the rest of your life.

I help you, i hold your cold hand in mine.
I catch you if you fall so hard,
I kiss your wounds, give you my wings.
Pulling you out, caress your scarfs.
I’m here, if no-one ist here, don’t let you alone.
But it’s your turn to do this start.

Baby, stand up, hands up.
Life sucks and fucks you whenever it can.
You get up and falls so deep.
But don’t be swayed, not even stop you.
Stand up and wipe the dust from your knees.

Stand up, get up, sun is closer as you think.
And if you’re up too close to them,
i’m here and catching you.
You have it in your hand, always a choice.
Continue to your damn fucking hell,
or standing up and going throug
the cold, the dark, over the demons voice.

Life is crazy, honey, i know.
But it’s the only one you’ve got.
Make the best of it, do your best.
Stand up and live and fuck the devils.
Laugh and love, have fun.
You own yourself and nobody else.
Make this important first step to the rest,
Baby, the rest of your life.

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